Grand Canyon

We started our Grand Circle in Zion National Park and proceeded to drive around, in a circle if you will, until finally reaching the Grand Canyon South Rim on day five of our eight day trip. We couldn't actually see over the rim when we entered the park because of all the trees and we decided to make a quick stop at one of the viewpoints to get our first look at the Grand Canyon before heading to the lodge. It was late in the day, we'd been driving for hours, and honestly after being surrounded by beautiful views all week I really didn't think this view was going to be any different than the others. Beautiful sure, but I was jaded and tired at that point. We parked the car and started walking to the edge and as soon as I saw it I stopped walking and said, "Holy shit". I mean Zion National Park is beautiful. Antelope Canyon is amazing. But the Grand Canyon is something else entirely.

We were only at the Grand Canyon for three days but could easily have stayed there for weeks and not gotten bored. There are endless amounts of trails and if you plan ahead there is camping at the bottom of the canyon. If you need help planning out which hike you'd like to do I recommend checking out the books by Falcon Guide like this one. This book is usually available in the gift store at the park or you could pick it up online before your trip.

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