I visited the Adirondacks for the first time in 2018. I love to camp and I'd been on the search for somewhere in the Northeast that was a bit more remote. My niece had recently moved to Watertown, NY and when I looked up her town on Google Maps I saw all this green space around it and decided to investigate. I had only camped in NY once, when I drove from California to Massachusetts and camped along the way, my last stop was at a campground in upstate NY. I remember being surprised by how beautiful it was. When I think of New York, I think of New York City. And even though I had been in the upstate area once and knew there was a lot more to state I forgot about that over the years. My visit to the Adirondacks in 2018 reminded me of just how much more there was to the state.

The campground that we stayed at on that first trip (and every trip since) was Forked Lake Campground. It's state run campground on a beautiful lake that offers primitive campsites along the lake edge. Most of the camp sites are boat-in, there are a few campsites that allow trailer/rv's but the vast majority are tent only. The Adirondacks are about a five hour drive from Boston and New York City, and about three hours from Montreal. Because of their distance from most major cities the campgrounds aren't as crowded as a lot of the other campgrounds in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. A lot of the restaurants and breweries in the area have outdoor seating that is dog friendly so if you're traveling with your dog that makes things a little easier. This is probably my favorite camping location in all the Northeast with Maine in a close second.

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