Acadia National Park

I managed to live on the east coast for almost a decade without even being aware of Acadia. It wasn't until I got into astrophotography that I started to notice a lot of photographs from Acadia. Since discovering that there is a phenomenal national park a mere five hours from me I've tried to go there at least once a year. There is a lot of hype about Acadia National Park and after visiting it several times I think it very much lives up to it's reputation. It's different than a lot of the national parks that I've been to so far in that it doesn't feel all that large. There is plenty to do and see but it doesn't feel as intimidating as other national parks like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite.

I think one of the reasons Acadia is so popular to visit is the town of Bar Harbor that's just outside the park. The town is nice and fun to walk around and has plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops. We usually stay at one of the hotels in town so that everything is in walking distance but there are cheaper places you can stay outside of town plus several campgrounds. Acadia is probably most famous for it's rocky coastline but there are a lot of good hikes that will give you beautiful views inside the park. A lot of the visitors in the park stick to the loop road or walking down the carriage roads so even if you go during the busy months if you pick a hiking trail that is medium or above difficulty it won't feel crowded.

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