Acadia National Park

I managed to live on the east coast for almost a decade without even being aware of Acadia. It wasn't until I got into astrophotography that I started to notice a lot of photographs from Acadia. Since discovering that there is a phenomenal national park a mere five hours from me (okay the drive is painful and long) I've been there twice; once over the summer and once during winter. There is a lot of hype about Acadia National Park and after visiting it twice I think it very much lives up to it's reputation. There are plenty of places to stay in the small town of Bar Harbor which is right outside the park. Perks of staying in town mean that you can walk to all the restaurants and bars; staying outside of town means you'll have to drive in for food/entertainment but you'll have a more quiet place to relax in after exploring the park all day. It also seems to be a little cheaper to stay outside the town.